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A delicious slice with breakfast, a crisp sausage for lunch or a hearty addition to bread and cheese for a light meal. In our range you will find the right product for every occasion. Try our wide range of products, from cured sausage to ham, to spreadable sausage, and experience the quality for yourself. You can find our fine sausages at food retailers.


Original Nuremberg Bratwurst

We produce our original Nuremberg bratwurst in out Nuremberg factory. This is how it has to be: The “queen of sausages” has to be produced according to the set recipe within the Nuremberg city area, due to its protected geographical indication (PDI). The recipe is laid out in the guild book of the Nuremberg Butcher’s Guild: Roughly trimmed pork, with a maximum fat content of 35%, and the finest marjoram are the essential components of this traditional sausage.

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