Gold for our Franconian grilled sausage

What sets our sausages apart? The Quality! We don’t compromise: With passion, first-class ingredients and employees who know their craft, we make sure our customers can enjoy consistent quality in our meat and sausages.


Quality is our number one priority. Again and again, this is confirmed by the officials. This is also how we fulfil our own quality standards in manufacturing as well as the International Food Standards requirements.

Legal Requirements are just minimum standards for us, which we often exceed. In our selection of ingredients as well as in production and in sales. This is proven over and over, for example by international certificates for food safety.

Our quality and hygiene standards meet the highest international standards. This is confirmed by internationally recognised certifications as well as our export licenses with many countries across the world.

These high standards for our products are of course upheld across all our locations. For this reason, the sites in Nuremberg and Günthersleben are also officially certified.


Regional and Sustainable

Regional and proud of it: Other than quality and safety, we’re also proven to fulfil the strict specifications for the production of regional specialities. This is especially important for our Nuremberg and Thuringian grilled bratwurst.

(Eco) logical, that we are already putting sustainable ideas into practice. This is commended by many, and is certified by the European Certification for organic production.

Kupfer Kupfer

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