Family Solidarity is Fundamental

“Stable growth need strong roots.” Strong roots create stability. Our strengths stem from values and skills like quality, creativity, reliability and customer focus. This is how we won the trust of our customers and consumers from the very beginning, building our economic viability. Being prepared to work hard, to stick together as a family and also a touch of good luck has made us into one of the most modern sausage and meat producers in Germany.

We also have a lot of plans for the future. With the determination to always give our best. We are working to make sure the Kupfer name can maintain its good reputation throughout the next generations, as well its great flavours.

Family Business

Kupfer has been a successful family business for over 100 years. The management and employees represent the company as well as the family who owns the business. The Kupfer name is a flagship for every one of us. It represents both responsibility and duty.


We observe the market, recognise trends as soon as they appear and make adjustments quickly and effectively. With our creativity, we also want to set some of our own trends. We are always open to new things, and we support our employees to bring in new ideas. Nothing is quite so old as yesterday’s success.

Customer Requests

Our customers are the basis of our business. We always orient ourselves to their requirements. We deal with all customer requests quickly and simply. Customer satisfaction is the measure of our success. We respect every customer request and make it our goal to fulfil it as quickly as possible. We want to continue developing this competitive advantage.

Supply Capacity

Our customers expect us to be 100% ready to deliver. We do everything to fulfil these wishes. The higher our supply capacity, the more significant our competitive advantage is. One of the main tasks in every area is to be ready to deliver. Keeping deadlines is one of our company’s greatest principles.


Whoever makes demands also needs to provide support. That’s why our goal is to continually motivate, qualify and support our employees. Our company lives through its employees. We support dedication, skills, ideas and the personal development of every one of our employees. For high employee satisfaction, a great company culture, and collective success.


We feel indebted to the future generations and take responsibility for people and nature. With regards to a more sustainable society, we use technologies which protect the environment and resources. With active health and work safety management, we take care of our employee’s wellbeing. Our goals are ambitious, and we constantly seek to raise engagement.


Our customers expect consistent high quality. We only deliver products which can meet these standards. It is our goal that consumers all over the world get to enjoy our meat and sausage specialities. For that, every one of our strict quality standards needs to be strictly upheld at all times, by all employees.

Open-minded collaboration

Open-minded collaboration is fundamental to our success. It creates a good company culture and contributes to everyone’s satisfaction. Our employee’s suggestions are always taken on board and carefully considered. A fair and motivated tone of discussion is a given.


Reliability builds trust, and trustworthiness guarantees a successful future. We always keep our promises. We aim to be a trustworthy business for our customers, employees and the public. To achieve this, we maintain an open and trusting atmosphere among ourselves.


Efficiency is a requirement in all areas of the business. Only a company which runs efficiently can remain competitive in the long run. Economical use of materials, energy and time is an important requirement for collective success. Unnecessary costs and any kind of waste are damaging to the company.

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