Kupfer as an Employer

Kupfer is an attractive employer offering a variety of career paths. Whether it’s your first job, changing career, as a student, apprentice or long-time employee, the company offers different ways to move through the company.


Walter Hammerbacher (Heilsbronn)

A steep climb: from apprentice to manager

Walter Hammerbacher began his career with Kupfer in 1978. He completed his apprenticeship as an office assistant in Heilsbronn with very good results. After hos apprenticeship, the Elpersdorf native began working in purchasing - today he is the head of this department. Since 1988, Walter Hammerbacher has been responsible for buying the raw unprocessed meat. In 1990 he was promoted to head of administration, where he led a team of 20 employees. Since the end of the 90s, he worked as department head for purchasing, and in 2002 was named the department director.

I like working for Kupfer because me and my colleagues in purchasing can achieve a lot for Kupfer, and I feel at home in this family business.

Daniel Lerche (Heilsbronn)

Welcome to the team: A Trainee hits the ground running

From March to August 2018, Daniel Lerche took part in a six month trainee programme with Kupfer. During this time, he got to know all three of our locations, worked with a number of departments and got a wide-ranging impression of the structure of the company. Daniel Lerche completed the trainee programme as part of his studies, and was able to link his activities at the time with his master’s thesis. After successful completion of his Master’s in Marketing in 2018 at the Freiberg Technical University, he joined the outside sales department as a junior Key Account Manager. Since July 2019, the Mitlenberg native has already been independently looking after the majority of our export clients.

I like working for Kupfer because I’ve really had the chance to prove myself.


Andrea Mäder (Günthersleben)

Changing careers? Not a problem with Kupfer!

Andrea Mäder is actually a qualified cobbler.. She worked in this field for four years, before coming to Kupfer in 1995. She started as a packaging employee at our location in Günthersleben. One year later she became shift manager and was promoted to acting group leader. From 1998, Andrea Mäder was responsible for planning if production and packaging at the Günthersleben site. Following this, in 2005 she became the representative group leader for packaging. Since 2010, Andrea Mäder is fully responsible for packaging at the Günthersleben site.

I like working for Kupfer because I can really develop myself.

Ayele Tesfaye Desta (Nuremberg)

You never stop learning: the path to representative operations manager

Born in Ethiopia, Ayele Tesfaye Desta is a qualified hydrologist and came to Germany in 1995. He joined Kupfer in 1996 in the incoming and outgoing goods department. After that, he worked as a packer. From 1997 he took on the role of shift manager and group leader in the packaging department. Ayele Tesfaye Desta then decided to pursue further education as an IT specialist, which he completed with another company from 2001-2002. After this he returned to Kupfer and began an apprenticeship as a food technology specialist, which he completed in 2005 with very good grades. After that, Ayele Tesfaye Desta worked as a group leader in production and packaging planning. Since 2006, he is the SAP Key User for our Nuremberg location. Since 2013, Ayele Tesfaye Desta is also the representative operations manager.

I like working for Kupfer because the work is varied and we’re a great team.


Christian Mahringer (Heilsbronn)

Always on the ball: Good results are rewarded

Christian Mahringer came to Kupfer in 2008, joining the Heilsbronn site. Before this, he had completed his education as a farming machinery mechanic from 1999 to 2003. Directly after that, he worked as a technician at various companies in the region until 2008. Arriving at Kupfer, Christian Mahringer began to work in production technology, and stayed there for three years. He then decided on further education as a mechanical engineer at the Grundig Academy, a technical college. In 2013 Christian Mahringer came back to Kupfer, this time as a state certified mechanical engineer. One year later he was promoted to energy management representative. Since 2016, he is the trainer for the mechatronic and industrial engineers.

I like going to work because I feel valued here, and I can make use of my broad knowledge.

Daniel Rothhaus (Heilsbronn)

Knowledge transfer: apprentice to trainer

In 2003, Daniel Rothhaus began his apprenticeship as a food technology specialist. Three years later, he had successfully completed the apprenticeship, and began to support the warehouse department. In 2014, Daniel Rothhaus successfully completed his further education as a business administrator. Since 2017, the Nuremberg native is the trainer for food technology and warehouse logistics. At the same time, he was promoted to group leader for the automated palette storage, and is now responsible for the whole of logistics at Kupfer.

I like working for Kupfer because with good performance and engagement, I can have an impact.


Silke Heisrath (Heilsbronn)

360 Degree View: Interns get to know Kupfer

Silke Heisrath began her apprenticeship with Kupfer as an industrial manager in 2016 in Heilsbronn. In the last three years she’s got to know different departments: Other than the purchasing, HR, controlling, accounting, IT, planning, dispatch and warehouse departments, she also got to know her current department: customer management. Silke Heisrath has been a permanent member of the team since 2019, and together with the key account management, looks after our customers Netto Markendiscount and Edeka.

I like working at Kupfer because we are a motivated and engaged team.

Matthias Ruppert (Heilsbronn)

And off we go: Responsibility from the very beginning

Matthias Ruppert is qualified in business studies. From 2001 to 2007, he studied economics at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen/Nuremberg. During his studies he completed two internships at Kupfer in Heilsbronn, among others in the inside sales department. After finishing his studies, Matthias Ruppert began working as a full time employee in this same department. After a few years he made the switch to field sales. Since then, he has been responsible for exports. He is also the key accountant for our customer Norma, and since 2019 also takes care of Lidl.

I like working for Kupfer because the family business is a loyal and reliable partner.


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