Organic Range

Organic sausage? Of course! Organic food forms the basis of daily nutrition for many people. Whether sliced meats, salami or crisp sausages: get to know our wide range of organic products and let their quality convince you.

Organic traditional Vienna sausage, fresh from the butcher

Classic Vienna Sausages

Since 2016 we produce eleven speciality organic sausages at our locations in Heilsbronn and Nuremberg. This includes our “Fresh from the Butcher Organic Traditional Vienna Sausages”, which could really satisfy the “Stiftung Warentest” in the “Classic Vienna Sausage” category (tested 10/2019). For all of our organic products, we use beef, pork and poultry from organic farms in Germany. The slaughterhouses are also certified organic. In Bavaria and Baden Württemberg, our organic products are additionally marked with the relevant regional label, which gives the consumer information on the source and processing of the product.

Bioland Partner

We reached yet another milestone in 2019: We became a Bioland partner, the leading association for environmentally friendly farming in Germany. Under the Bioland seal, we also offer five other sausage specialities, including the original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst. The meat for these is sourced from farms which operate according to the Bioland guidelines, which are based on seven principles:

Operate a closed-loop business

Promote soil fertility

Keep animals in species-appropriate conditions

Grow nutritious food

Support biological diversity

Preserve a natural way of life

Secure a livable future for people

Would you like to know more about Bioland?
Visit the Bioland homepage at:


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