Assortment from alternative protein sources


Vegan snack

With our vegan cold cuts and spreads, we offer plant-based alternatives to traditional snacks. We rely on full pea power for the Lyoner, the various vegetable cold cuts and the liver sausage.

Vegan BBQ

When the coals are glowing again for the barbecue season, our vegan BBQ specialties are now part of the party. Our chicken specialties - all pea-based and with a fine chicken flavor - shine on the hot grill. Like all our BBQ alternatives, these are not only a hit on the grill, but also in the pan all year round!

Vegan semi convenience products

The bowl, the salad or the vegetable pan is still missing that certain something? With our Chicken Geschnetzelten these culinary creations and many others are pimped in no time! For the production we use only a few ingredients: Peas, pea fiber, sunflower oil and water make the Geschnetzelte an ideal alternative for a plant-based diet.

Vegan snacks

Our vegan snack balls are perfect for in between meals: Thanks to their practical packaging size, the "ready to eat" products can be enjoyed simply "on the go" without further preparation.

Vegan convenience organic dishes

Sometimes it just has to go fast - but of course it should still be healthy! Our vegan convenience dishes save time, offer flexibility and provide healthy nutrition at the same time. In organic quality, they bring a wide variety from all over the world, 100 percent plant-based, onto your plate in the shortest possible time. Included in the culinary trip around the world: Mexican Chili sin Carne, Japanese Kofu Curry, Indian Lentil Dhal, Moroccan Chickpea Tajine and exotic Sweet and Sour Jackfruit.

Insects as a substitute for meat

As a distribution partner of the Bugfoundation, we are launching an innovative product on the market together with the start-up: the Tiny Champions. It is made from species-appropriate Buffalo insects. The result: its structure and taste are unique and meat-like. It also scores points in terms of sustainability, because Tiny Champions does not contain any soy at all. The nutritional values are also impressive, as the innovation is rich in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and calcium.

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